Strategy Games

Test your mind with these strategy games! Try to beat them all! A strategy game or strategic game is a game (e.g. video or board game) in which the players' uncoerced, and often autonomous decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Almost all strategy games require internal decision tree style thinking, and typically very high situational awareness.


Emoji MineSweep

Emoji MineSweep Game

We all know about the minesweeper game that is available in windows games inventory. Well, this Emoji-minesweeper game is re-interpretation of minesweeper game using HTML5 and JavaScript. The only difference is that we place emojis as a marker to spot the bomb position instead of flags. You use left click to open a spot, right-click to mark a spot as a bomb. I am sure that this game will be as interesting as the traditional one we used to play.


2048 Game

2048 is a single-player sliding block puzzle game designed by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. The game's objective is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them to create a tile with the number 2048. However, one can continue to play the game after reaching the goal, creating tiles with larger numbers.


Hextris Game

HEXTRIS is a fast paced puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Blocks start on the edges of the screen, and fall towards the inner blue hexagon. The objective of the game is to prevent the blocks from stacking outside the area of the grey hexagon.

3D Hartwig Chess

3D Hartwig Chess Game

Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. The game is played by millions of people worldwide. Chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga sometime before the 7th century.