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Minecraft Mods

Enjoy the use of many mods! Our Mods are not available to sell, resell, or use for commercial use.

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium in Minecraft

Battle your Pokemon in this stadium!

Combine With: Pixelmon Mod

Maze Runner

Minecraft Maze Runner

Escape the maze! This map is WICKED! (Pun Intended!)



Minecraft Pokemon

Gotta Catch them all! Play with pokemon in minecraft!

Combine with: Pokemon World maps!

Spider Man Armor - GO Technologies Exclusive!

Spider Man armor in Minecraft

Become Spider Man with this addon! Impress your friends! This addon replaces chainmail armor with the spider Man Suit.


Better Death Animations

Zombie in Minecraft

This addon, from the app Addons for MCPE, adds a new death animation to undead mobs! Their limbs will scatter when you destroy them!


Youtuber Parkour World

Youtuber Parkour in Minecraft

Parkour on your favorite Youtuber's head!


Crash Slots

Minecraft Slots

Play the slots in Minecraft! Test your luck!